57 Days Abroad

Day 55. Party Buenos Aires Style

Day 55.

Today we finally got to tour the branch here in Buenos Aires. We got up early and where at the location by 8:15am. We toured three different buildings and finished up around noon.

Getting back to the house, we started the intial packing and cleaning up of our belongings. We stayed at the house until about 4pm when we went to the group for service. About 7pm we dipped out and headed home to continue packing.

Tonight, the friends threw an asado/party at Brett´s place. We arrived around 9:30pm. By then, there were many people already but people kept arriving until well past midnight. Around midnight is when we started to eat and after that, the music was put on blast and we all danced. It was such great time, especially considering the fact that this was a Tuesday night. Wednesday is actually a holiday for Argentina so many of the friends don´t have to work and could disfrutar of their Tuesday night. The music was loud on the terrace and did not stop until past 4am–such a great concept. The culture here and within the friends is so great. We stayed for as late as we could but finally had to call it a night because our plan was to wake up early to start packing/cleaning again. We said our goodbyes to everyone, as this was our last opportunity to do so in Buenos Aires. After walking a few blocks, we finally grabbed a taxi and got home.

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    Looks like a blast. Those are the best nights.

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