57 Days Abroad

Day 56. Bajo Martinez y The Last Supper

Day 56.

Being our last real day in Buenos Aires, we planned on getting up early’ish to finish up everything and to check out some sites. The bags were nearly packed and the apartment was more or less cleaned. About 2pm, we finally left our place to meet up with some friends out of the city.

We took the 152 bus to a train station and hopped on a train. We went to Peru Beach which was quite crowded. Peru Beach isn’t a beach for swimming but it’s shores were full of kite boarders and wind surfers. They also had a rock climbing wall, hockey field and a skatepark. Because today was a national holiday, everyone was at the beach. It was surprising to see so many kite boarders and wind surfers in a small vinicity not crashing into each other.

After eating a sandwich, we decided to go have a coffee at the same place we went a few days ago. We walked to Barracas de Alvear and by then the sun was goin down and the wind was picking up. We had to sit outside in the wind which was a bit miserable. A little later a few more people joined us and we had our coffee.

IMG_0206.JPGDeparting from everybody, we were able to get a ride to the metro. From there we headed straight for Florida Street to get a few last things. After walking the empty streets, we decided to grab our last dinner together at La Estancia, which was right on the street 9 de Julio. It was fitting to have lots of meat our last night, so we ordered a parilla of a different cuts and meats.

IMG_0212.JPGOnce we finished dinner, we walked a bajillion blocks until we finally found the bus 60. We got home about midnight and continued to pack and clean.


    Hello Bobie and company…………I am Bobie’s Auntie Doris, his mom’s sister. I just wanted to let all of you know how much I have enjoyed following your trip. It has been quite exciting to read about your daily excursions and events -and there are so…….many pictures!!! I was saddened to hear of the losses you all experienced. Unfortunately, these are things you hope will not happen, but know that the possibilites of these kind of occurrences always exist. All in all I believe you guys have had one fantastic experience!!! Bobie, I understand you are now in Bolivia for a while; I pray you do not encounter any additional misfortunes. Thanks to all of you for allowing us the opportunity to follow you on this adventure. May Jehovah bless and keep you all, and may you all have a safe return home to your families. We love you Bobie, and would like to hear from you on your return. Take care.

    Auntie Doris

  • Thanks for sharing with us!! Hope you have a safe trip home!!

  • Thanks for the comments! I’ve relayed the info to Bobie as well.

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