57 Days Abroad

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Day 51. Palermo es el Mejor Barrio

Day 51. After hitting up the internet cafe, it was time to do something outside. It was Friday, the sun was out and everyone was getting off work and school. We went to the parks that our near our house and brought the soccer ball. We kicked and juggled the ball for while, every now […]

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Day 36. I think We Just GTL’ed

Day 36. It’s nice to wake up, walk outside and see the ocean. That’s what’s Antofagasta is about. The coast is lined with rocky shores but they do have an artificial beach. The city is still growing and becoming more commercialized with malls and big shopping centers. Once everyone was all ready, we walked to […]

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Day 18. Plan BA

Day 18. Finally got to sleep in a bit—it was well needed. We had the meeting at 1pm today so that was our first obligation. We hopped in a taxi and arrived to the front door of the hall for 18 pesos. Definitely not the best deal when the metro is 1.10 pesos per person […]

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Day 7. Rain or Shine, We Find the Party

Day 7. Woke up to noises…reminding me of an episode of some old ladies talking. Then I realized it was just the rain hitting our balcony. I fell back asleep only to receive some notification on my iPhone (iPhone has WiFi) that made me get up. It was a lazy morning…with little incentive to being […]

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Day 4. Worst Part of BA is the Elevator Ride

Day 4. Waking up to an overcast sky makes it a tad bit difficult to get up. Regardless, we had a morning-run to do. We put our workout gear on and took off to do sprints near Plaza Holanda (Google map: http://bit.ly/bz0g4G). After a clean-up and a shave, we took off to the San Martin […]

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